It’s all about the bees.

The more we know about their lives, the better and more effectively we can help them. The loss of one of the most important pollinators is threatening the environment. IoT can address these challenges by granting us deep insight into hives before and as problems arise. That is why we decided to create 24-hour hive monitoring visualizes hive parameters, such as: temperature, humidity, weight, sound frequency, location and much more. Each beekeeper who digitally monitors his or her hives has a valuable tool for managing and better taking care of honeybees. Such efforts directly help local bees. Get closer to nature. Become a part of nature’s reproductive mechanisms by learning how to keep bees the smart way. Contribute to science. Through My Hives, you will be sharing valuable information with scientists working on saving the bees. Bee-well!

How does it work?


Monitoring system.

Weight, temperature and humidity data is gathered at regular intervals by monitoring system installed in the hive.


Data transfer.

Gathered data is send to the server.


Data analysis.

Gathered data is continuosly analyzed using algorithms (created using beekepers knowldege)


Your mobile device.

Alerts are send to beekeper's mobile device.

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